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New SAP® Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA® offers new levels of functionality and business integra

It is really geeky, nevertheless, it is important. SAP have developed a HANA a new unique database platform that can perform both business analysis and transactions at the same time, something its rivals are able to provide only by using two databases. The brand new SAP® Business Suite powered by SAP HANA®, an integrated family of business applications that captures and analyses transactional data in real time on a single in-memory platform. This enables customers to run their business in real time within the window of opportunity to transact, analyse and predict instantly and proactively in an unpredictable world.

More real-time and re-thinking business models
The impact on enterprise wide cash flow forecasting is going to be immense. It will give companies the unprecedented ability to translate real-time insights to action immediately while removing the complexity of redundant data and systems. Customers now can manage all mission-critical business processes in real time such as planning, execution, reporting and analysis by using the same relevant live data.

SAP believe that customers can now rethink their business models and processes with intelligence embedded in transactions. They also believe that SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, will enable businesses to accelerate their core businesses dramatically and evolve toward real-time scenarios.

These are huge claims. However, the new HANA database functionality is that good. It will certainly open up major opportunities for new ways of doing and managing business processes. Be prepared for the pressure from the SAP sales force to re-design your cash flow forecasting processes and possibly much more.

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