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New TMS model: aren’t we there already? Not really

The development of TMS solutions is following a similar path with general agreement as to what is required with TMS providers focusing on:

  • In-depth, flexible and ease to use functionality
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • On-going development and commitment combined with regular updates
  • High quality customer service
  • Working with partners to offer the complete solution to the corporate treasury department. 

Delivery model differences as partnering increases rapidly

Although most TMS providers seem to be heading in the same development and support direction. There are differences, for example:

Kyriba, who claim to be, “the #1 provider of cloud treasury and financial management solutions” reported their quarterly results yesterday:

  • A record 70% growth in bookings for Q1 2018 driven by strong enterprise momentum and elevated demand for improving liquidity performance and working capital management
  • A record 40% sales bookings contribution from partners - a 17% increase over Q1 2017 - due to a range of strategic partnerships, including with BlackRock, Inc. Which, Kyriba claim, enables faster and smarter execution of cash investments for CFOs and corporate treasurers, leveraging both companies’ technologies

More than 1,800 companies, including many of the world’s largest organizations, rely on Kyriba to streamline key processes.

BELLIN make a similar claim on their global position, We “Are a global leader in providing web-based treasury software and services for multinational corporations, banks and the financial sector”. But other positioning is different, “Define ourselves by the treasurers and treasury experts that make up our team and take pride in our pragmatic approach to solving treasury problems. We are not just ticking checkboxes on feature sheets, we are leveraging our core strength, our knowledge of treasury, to build solutions that work locally and apply globally.”

They are also focusing on working with partners with deals with:

  • Kantox FX solutions
  • SWIFT for their GTB Hub solution

The role of providing joint services with partners is growing fast. The figure of 40% of Kyriba sales bookings contribution from partners in the first quarter is astonishing. TMS delivery model really is changing fast.

Is BELLIN TM5 the new TMS model?

A treasury consultant reacted to our article on the new TMS model, see, and wrote on LinkedIn, “I have one answer for you - Bellin TM5... I have installed it 4 times hoping to install it a fifth time at my current client and it performs just as you describe. FOUR month implementation time for core TMS functionality...check it out!” And the ever attentive LinkedIn reader CEO Martin Bellin, reacted, “Thanks for your comment and for your support! If I say something like this ( and was just about to write a comment on this post), it is considered sales talk without value. (CTMfile: but we are reporting this. It has value.) You have proven more than just once, that the implementation can go pretty fast.”

CTMfile take: Yes, treasury consultant and Martin your beloved BELLIN TM5 and similar systems are way better than the dinosaur TMSs that take years to implement and which have yearly/ 6 monthly updates if you are lucky. But these new much more elegant and effective solutions only show the way TMS solutions are developing not the end point. We will see, instead of 40% of income from partners it could be 50%++ and implementation could be weeks or even days. But this new TMS paradigm needs understanding and has consequences + learning curves. (See post next week.)

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