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New TMS model: getting used to the new paradigm

The new TMS model proposed earlier by CTMfile, see, in which there are central core functions supported by specialist areas from other suppliers:

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That provides flexible in-depth functionality with implementations in days or weeks, and needs little implementation consultancy or support to install.

The questions and the issues

However, the new TMS model which is used by TreasuryXpress - to a large extent - raises important questions and shows that there needs be changes in attitude and understanding about the dynamics of what is being provided, these include:

  • Does requiring no/little implementation consultancy fees impact selection, I.e. Do consultants favour TMS solutions that include lots of implementation consultancy fees? 
    • CTMfile take: Not proven or admitted openly. But what is clear is that corporate treasury departments too often want to duplicate what they do today, rather than asking, “How can we simplify/standardise our processes? What do we really need to do” And not enough consultants encourage them to do this.
  • Is there any bias against TMS that can be implemented in a very short time, I.e. “Surely if the system can be implemented so quickly, it cannot possibly offer comprehensive in-depth and flexible functionality? 
    • CTMfile take: It is not necessarily true as TreasuryXpress’s solution shows, which can take weeks or even days to implement, is used by global MNCs with upto $75bn turnover as well as by small corporates.
  • Does the TMS supplier really need to provide 80-90%+ of the functionality that a corporate treasury department requires (which is at least what today’s TMS solutions providers aim for) or would it be better to let real specialist suppliers do it? Are efficiencies and advances being hidden from corporate treasury departments?
    • CTMfile take: There are many aspects to this issue:
      1. This will take time for attitudes to change both in TMS suppliers and corporate treasury departments
      2. TMS suppliers will become more adept at API type integrations.
      3. Do corporate treasury departments really need all the functionality that is open to them today or would elegant simplicity, like Apple’s, be all that is needed? 

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