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New TMS model - is this the new plug and play ultimate pricing model?

CTMfile’s post on the New TMS model needed and in sight on 9th April generated many comments on the suggested new infrastructure:

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TreasuryXpress claim pioneering role

On LinkedIn Tracy Kantrowitz, VP Marketing and Corporate Development at TreasuryXpress wrote, “Great article by CTMfile on the new treasury UX.  Thank you Jack Large for recognizing TreasuryXpress as a pioneer in the new TMS model.

Tom Leitch, COO, TreasuryXpress e-mailed, “We link to FX providers, ERP’s, Risk Systems, Settlement systems, Virtual Account providers, Payment Systems,TMS vendors. You name it we will link to it.”

And then he added vitally that, “The whole point of a treasury system is that it’s a middleware between banks, other external systems, internal systems and the treasurer."

Plug and Play model problems

One retired TMS provider wrote, “I did investigate whether I should come back to the TMS market with a 'one size fits all' TMS model. Talking to a number of treasurers they were reluctant to adjust their procedures to a generic supportable plug and play system. But it could be done.” I.e. One of the main problems in moving to the new model is that corporate treasurers too often think they have unique requirements that only be satisfied by a unique bespoke solution.

He also felt that moving to the new model would be also be difficult because, “The trouble with plug and play TMS solutions is the vested interests - consultant’s, advisors, etc. Who have a vested interests in the current models continuing. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.” [CTMfile comment, e.g. at a recent cash management conference a leading TMS consultant said that TreasuryXpress don’t generate any consultancy support for us at all.]

New ultimate pricing model

The retired TMS provider also said that, “I would favour a free subscription model with in app purchases/upgrades.” CTMfile: this could change the whole dynamics of the TMS provision and support business.

CTMfile take: Corporate treasurers: would you buy a standardised plug and play TMS model based on a free subscription model with in app purchases/upgrades? It isn’t just the TMS model that has to change, but also corporate treasury departments’ and corporate treasurers’ attitudes too.

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