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Next generation of Omnikron’s MultiCash electronic banking and payments platform

A new generation of the MultiCash electronic banking and payments platform is now available. Omikron claims that this represents a new chapter in banking services. 

The brand new user interface enables financial staff to run cash management reports based on the latest information from all the corporate’s banks and enables them take the necessary steps to optimize their cash flows. The new dashboard, which can be tailored to the specific requirements of each user, presents a summary of the latest position on all accounts, see below:

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At the heart of the system is a communication engine, designed to connect to banks worldwide. A wide range of communication standards are incorporated in MultiCash to ensure that all banks can be reached. These include the European EBICS standards (in all its variants) as well as the internationally widespread MCFT (MultiCash File Transfer) option. As and when required, local and bank-specific connections can be integrated. 

Payment support

As part of the functionality needed for an e-banking solution linked to multiple banks, MultiCash supports a large number of formats for payments. National formats, European standards are incorporated as is the global CGI template.

New modules

New modules based on the latest XML-based specifications are now available, including: Bank Account Management, Bank Service Billing, real-time balances and Payment Status Reports.

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