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OH NO, not another Request for Proposal

For the understaffed/perpetually busy corporate treasury department, Request for Proposals has always been a problem. There is repeating the data you put in the last RfP, but it is slightly different, so you have to start again. Also, the new RFP is going to a different set of suppliers be they banks, payment systems providers and TMS suppliers, etc. and you have to find and check the contact details again. The cash management tender is over-reliant on documentation, spreadsheets, emails and unnecessary lengthy processes.

To solve this problem Treasury Delta, who were exhibiting at The ACT’s Cash Management Conference in London on 26 February, has brought to market a new B2B corporate treasury digital ecosystem to connect companies and financial institutions + other suppliers in a more efficient and cost-effective way. What normally takes months now takes weeks and requires fewer man-hours across the corporate and their respective banks/suppliers.

Treasury Delta B2B corporate treasury platforms

Treasury Delta can tailor their platform to cater for the two main types of market for corporate treasury services:

  • Business banking platform: enabling companies to get offers on business banking products in the areas of transaction banking and credit from financial institutions operating in their marketplace.
  • Treasury Management System platform: enabling companies to get offers from TMS providers operating in their marketplace.

How Treasury Delta works

Treasury Delta designs and develops a bespoke solution for each corporate, in conjunction with their advisor, because they are acutely aware that each organisation has specific banking and other requirements depending on their treasury operations and global reach, as shown below: 

Source & Copyright©2020 – Treasury Delta 

When the corporate is ready to send out the RFP, the corporate populates the relevant information within the application and then submits to their chosen banks / TMS providers through the platform

These potential counterparties then sign in, digest the information which is presented in a structured format and respond through the platform with their bespoke offering which includes pricing. Treasury Delta’s platform then produces a summary table comparing all quotes. 

The next stage is for the company and their advisor to carry out their evaluation which can also be carried out within the Treasury Delta platform. 

Treasury Delta does not get involved in this stage and remains completely impartial throughout. Once completed the company can then give feedback to their potential suppliers through the chat function and move to shortlist, presentations and final evaluation stage. 


The pricing structure is on a case-by-case basis depending on the transaction, but they do say that “Treasury Delta offers a low-cost solution and corporates pay a once-off fee which is dependent on the scope of the RFP in question.”

Why partner with Treasury Delta 

The key feature of this whole RFP process is that it is carried out within the Treasury Delta platform(s) so saving all stakeholders time and money. Treasury Delta claims that the main benefits for a corporate treasury department using their platform are:

  1. Market pricing – Through the platform, your company receives market pricing along with all the other relevant information needed in order to evaluate the offers. 
  2. Saves time – By using Treasury Delta digital technology the process is carried out in a much more efficient way saving significant time and money
  3. Board of Director’s reassurance - By displaying full transparency of all results within the platform it provides your Board of Directors with the assurance that your organisation is achieving the most competitive offers from the marketplace
  4. Corporate Governance - The platform is a very strong procurement fit and your firm will have full autonomy regarding your users’ access rights. 
  5. Proprietary Platform for each user - Treasury Delta will design and develop a proprietary platform for your organisation and work very closely with you and your advisors.

One user, Group Treasurer, Irish Government Body, said ”We used Treasury Delta and were very impressed at the efficient and almost effortless process in setting up and executing.  A really good aspect of this is the additional governance and controls that it brings, whereby banking partners can get the opportunity to quote, but you are ensuring that you are benchmarking sufficiently” 

Padraig Brosnan, CEO Treasury Delta says that “They see a huge opportunity for banks, TMS providers, corporates and their advisors to do business in a better way using digital technology.  Our core theme is around collaboration and as we raise more capital we’ll invest heavily into our technology to streamline the process even further for all parties involved in such complex and overly time-consuming projects. “

CTMfile take: The Treasury Delta platform could transform how corporate treasury departments create and manage the whole Request for Proposal and tendering process. Imagine for each RfP, from now on, not having to assemble or re-assemble all the data to create a new RfD, and then managing the tendering process through one platform……… Could be bliss.


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