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On the tenth day of Christmas my investment guru gave me five tips on how to:

Identify and invest spare cash world-wide by:

1. aiming to have zero (minimal) spare cash in the countries where have ability to move the cash freely by:  

  • sweeping all cash balances or overdrafts out of all countries where can move it
  • having a large swingline loan credit facility so that can tap into this when needed, rather than holding large cash balances

2. making sure that you achieve full global visibility and understanding of your cash, see:  Achieving Full Global Visibility & Understanding of Your Cash | C&TM File, particularly focusing on:

  • the efficiency of the systrems and services to collect the cash balances data
  • effectiveness of your cash concentration structures

3. installing effective cash flow forecasting solutions so that don’t build up unnecessary cash balances, see: On the fourth day of Christmas my cash flow guru sent me tips on how to: | C&TM File

4. reviewing and revamping your investment policy, see: here

5. identify and invest cash surpluses, see: Checklists | Cash & Treasury Management file

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