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Opening up emerging market e-commerce with multi-channel payment services

dLocal, an award-winning fintech company that specializes in cross-border payments for emerging markets, has launched Marketplace Payments, a new payments product designed specifically for marketplaces whose buyers or sellers are based in emerging markets. 

Two global companies - DealeXtreme and LightInTheBox - have already added dLocal’s new plug-and-play solution to their payments suite, enabling them to easily accept all the local payment methods in Latin America with just one click.

Marketplace Payments service

dLocal is the only 360 payments technology platform designed to handle mass online payments in Latin America and other emerging markets. With dLocal, there is no need to manage separate payin and payout processors, set up local entities, integrate dozens of isolated payment methods, or undergo heavy operational and tax burdens. By operating as the payments processor and merchant of record in these markets, dLocal eliminates the need to set up local entities or integrate dozens of isolated payment methods making it simple for ecommerce companies to make inroads into the world’s fastest-growing emerging markets. 

dLocal Marketplace Payments service coverage

dLocal, who had been providing payment services for many years in Latin America, expanded their service to cover other emerging markets outside of the region in November 2016. The new Marketplace Payments service just announced enables companies to expand their reach into high-growth emerging markets in Latin America where ecommerce and mcommerce usage is on the rise, but penetration of international credit cards is low. With just one click, marketplace sellers can add over 200 locally relevant payment methods into their check-out flows and immediately start selling online to local customers. 

The PCI DSS compliant, API-based solution also covers Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Uruguay, where it supports all country-specific payment methods, including local credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and cash payments. Additional countries will be added in the future. 

Current users

Over 450 global ecommerce merchants, online travel service providers and marketplaces rely on dLocal to manage their global expansion efforts by offering 200+ locally-relevant payment methods to their customers, agents, and sellers in 18 markets around the world.

CTMfile take: Multi-channel services enable retailers to access new markets easily and quickly, even in emerging markets, and avoid the risk of investing in new payments channels. Remember, the annual cost of each new payment channel is estimated to be at least $90k.

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