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OpenLink Cloud: Ecosystem for treasury

On 16th May OpenLink launched their new OpenLink  Cloud a new, dynamic trading, treasury and risk Cloud platform which they claim is, “the world’s first and most comprehensive enterprise Cloud platform for trading, treasury and risk management.” 

In this WEBchat Mark O’Toole, Vice President Commodities & Treasury Solutions, OpenLink  discusses:

  1. The structure and key features of the OpenLink Cloud platform
  2. Early benefits of using OpenLink  Cloud
  3. The unconstrained power of the OpenLink  Cloud platform and how it enables corporate treasury departments to re-think what they are doing.

And finishes with a summary of the essence of the OpenLink Cloud: Ecosystem for Treasury solution, and the opportunities it opens up for the corporate treasury department.

Key timing points
0:22 OpenLink Cloud platform
2:33 Differences from the normal SaaS solutions
5:16 Unconstrained power
8:10 How a large scale user with commodity, cash management and liquidity management risk can use the system
10:10 The essence of the OpenLink Cloud ecosystem

The wait is over. There is now enough power and security in the OpenLink Cloud for major players to move mission critical systems to their Cloud platform, combined with OpenLink’s functional strength in cash and treasury management, extensive trading, commodities and risk management means that users get the best of both worlds.

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