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OpenTreasury #15 - MUFG launches stablecoin platform, impacts of embedded finance, Volante and FIMBank extend cloud payments, Russia to regulate cryptocurrency

Pushpendra Mehta meets with Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, to review the latest treasury news and developments. Topics of discussion center around MUFG’s launch of a proprietary stablecoin platform, the impact of embedded finance, Volante and FIMBank extending cloud payments, and Russia’s move to regulate cryptocurrency.


MUFG Launches proprietary stablecoin platform: https://ctmfile.com/story/industry-roundup-11-february-2022

Embedded finance: The future of finance: https://ctmfile.com/story/embedded-finance-the-future-of-finance

Cloud payments – Volante and FIMBank: https://ctmfile.com/story/industry-roundup-tenth-february

Crypto: Russia’s move from outlawing it to regulating it: https://ctmfile.com/story/industry-roundup-tenth-february

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