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OpenTreasury #18 - US banks assess Russia exposure, securing bank data using quantum communications, B2B payments survey, new US cybersecurity law, Russian banks turn to China

Pushpendra Mehta meets with Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, to review the latest treasury news and developments. Topics of discussion center around US banks assessing their exposures to Russia, Danske Bank securing bank data information through quantum communications, B2B payments survey by and FIS, the new US cybersecurity law requiring companies to report cyberattacks to the government, and Russian banks converting to the Chinese card system to issue cards.



1:15 - US Banks audit their bank exposures following Russia sanctions

2:37 - Danske Bank and Quantum Key Security: Securing bank data information through quantum key innovations

4:51 - B2B payments solutions seen as inadequate

6:59 - New US cybersecurity law: companies required to report cyberattacks

9:11 - Russian banks are converting to the Chinese card system pursuant to Visa’s, Mastercard’s and AMEX’s shut downs in Russia

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