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OpenTreasury #23 - US Fed lists 4 requirements for CBDC, Apple’s open banking acquisition, erosion of dollar dominance, rising fraud, and supply chain cyberattacks

Key timing points

Pushpendra Mehta meets with Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, to review the latest treasury news and developments. Topics of discussion centre around the US Fed outlining their four qualifications for a US CBDC, Apple’s open banking fintech acquisition to boost their payments business, the IMF noting a decline in US dollar dominance, and rising fraud and supply chain cybersecurity issues.

1:11 - The US Fed lists four CBDC credentials for a US CBDC, according to Chair Powell

3:31 - Apple's open banking acquisition could help boost payments

5:32 - IMF states US dollar’s global position as a major reserve currency is losing its position against the yuan and others

7:45 - 39 seconds, rising fraud and supply chain cybersecurity

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