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OpenTreasury #3: Trending News on FX Datasets, Cyber Attack Survival & Dark Data

Key timing points
1:02 CLS launches FX outstanding datasets
3:55 20 Best practices for cyber-attack survival
7:32 SWIFT transformation
10:06 How SWIFT plans to dominate global trade
13:32 Dark Data: Search, collate, conquer

Host Jack Large joins Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, and Ben Poole, Deputy Editor of CTMfile, to review the latest treasury news and developments. Topics of discussion center around new FX dataset services from CLS, SWIFT’s plans to transform to a transaction platform and to adopt and enforce global API standards, and how dark data is vital in improving forecasting. Listen to the conversation to find out more.


  • CLS launches FX outstanding datasets (B)
  • 20 Best practices for cyber ATTACK survival (J)
  • Swift transformation (C)
  • How SWIFT plans to dominate global trade (J)
  • Dark Data: Search, Collate, Conquer (J)
  • Roundup
    • Supply chain in Asia
    • Nomentia acquires TIPCO
    • Local countries fighting back

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