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OpenTreasury #6 - LEI usage grows worldwide, MasterCard’s new access to capital, and real-time ESG data

Key timing points
1:02 LEI Usage Grows Worldwide
4:45 Bank of America’s New Recipient Select Service
9:05 MasterCard’s New Access to Capital
12:38 Real-time ESG Data on Supply Chains, A Breakthrough

CTMfile Editor and Host Jack Large sits down with guest Tim Nicolle, Founder and CEO of PrimaDollar, to review the latest treasury news. Topics of discussion center around the global rollout of the LEI standard, Bank of America’s new payment service, MasterCard’s offer of new access to capital, and real-time ESG data breakthrough on supply chains. Listen in to find out more.

1. Usage of LEI expanding globally

2. Payment to all customer anywhere – new BofA service

3. Supply chain support services:

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