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Overcome the good, the bad & the ugly in today’s FX market & cut your FX costs

In this WEBchat-discussion, the hugely experienced Matt Richardson, MD at BetterFX - see, and Andy Woolmer, MD, New Change FX - see, review how to overcome the good, the bad and the ugly of today’s wild FX market. In the debate on ‘Understanding and cutting the  cost of FX', viewers will hear about:

  • the dynamics of today’s high frequency FX market, and many examples of the good, the bad and the ugly 
  • which benchmarks to trust and to use them
  • how to understand the components of your FX costs and negotiate a fairer price
  • how to make sure your FX reflects the skew in the price
  • how critical it is to focus on total cost of FX - price, transaction price, etc. 
  • how to cherry pick your FX suppliers.

There are more ideas and tips in this 26 minutes video than you’ll get in attending many conferences.

View the WEBchat-discussion on ‘Understanding and cutting your FX costs’ below:

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