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Planixs releases real-time treasury software

Planixs, a provider of real-time, intraday cash, collateral and liquidity management solutions, has announced that it has released GA10 (Generally Available Version 10) of its Realiti treasury management platform to the market. The firm says it represents the most complete, function rich and technically capable real-time treasury software in the market.

Realiti GA10 took input from customers, industry experts, regulators and the latest technology advances as part of the release development. Some of the enhancements promised on this latest version include:

- Deeper cash management capabilities. This includes enhancements to Fails and Sweeps, among others, to enable Realiti to automate treasury operations.

- Optimised matching rates. Increased performance and improved matching capabilities resulting in real-time intraday matching rates which the firm says are in the high 90% region.

- Regulatory reports. Enhanced reporting capabilities including greater geographic coverage.

- Messaging. Building on earlier releases of ISO messaging, the inclusion of additional messaging protocols and the enablement of geographic specific messages types, well in advance of the SWIFT updates.

- MI/BI tool enablement. Access to data to drive third party management information (MI)/business intelligence (BI) tools either directly through open database connectivity (ODBC) drivers or separately through new archiving capabilities.

- The Realiti Hub. The latest technical update to ensure all Realiti modules can be deployed independently and operate through the firm’s standard ETL and API framework.

- Updated UI. Deployment of an advanced user interface (UI), React, enabling rapid development and exceptional rendering performance.

- Technology and performance. Ability to deploy in a containerised method using the latest Kubernetes technology. New and improved technology performance benchmarks across the suite.

- Data science and AI. Implementation of the foundations to exploit the company’s data science engines and AI opportunities.

- Enhanced security. Planixs says it is the first fintech to gain regulatory approval to deploy real-time critical processes on the public cloud.

- Implementation accelerators. The release of faster deployment tools and techniques including the containerisation deployment option.

“Realiti GA10 represents a landmark release of our real-time software suite to the global market,” commented Neville Roberts, Planixs CEO. “We have the highest R&D investment ratio of any treasury fintech and we have worked with current customers, industry experts and regulators to deliver the most advanced real-time treasury solution in the market.”


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