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PwC guide to corporate tax for 157 countries now online

PwC has published the annual edition of its guide to global corporate tax. Worldwide Tax Summaries - Corporate Taxes 2017/18 is the latest compilation of worldwide corporate tax rates and rules. The free guide is useful for corporates that need to stay up-to-date with information on current tax rates and other major tax law features in 157 countries. It can be accessed as an ebook for download, a PDF file or online at www.pwc.com/taxsummaries.

PwC's Colm Kelly said: “Tax systems are evolving around the world all the time, and for business that means keeping up-to-date with all elements of tax compliance locally and internationally. The increasing levels of interest every year in accessing the information online demonstrates how having the most up to date information from our experts available in an accessible way is critical to people and businesses.”

Some of the data in the guide includes recent changes in tax legislation and includes key information about corporate income taxes, deductions, group taxation, credits and incentives, withholding taxes, indirect taxes and tax administration.

According to PwC, the online version of the guide was viewed more than 3.5 million times last year.

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