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Q - 01: How can we retain & use corporate treasury experience, knowledge & wisdom?

Jane (not her real name), an experienced corporate treasurer, widely recognized for innovative approaches to fund raising and running effective and efficient corporate treasury departments throughout her career, retired. The moment she left her employer for the last 10 years lost 30 years experience. She just left, she’d had enough, needed a break. But when she recovered and became bored and needed something to do, where was the plan to make use of this experience?

The first in WEBchat in “The Question” series examines: How not loose experience, knowledge and wisdom? where we discuss:

  • The role of mentoring
  • Mentoring key questions.

with Paul Stheeman, from STS – Stheeman Treasury Solutions who has 30+ years corporate treasury experience and extensive experience of mentoring. 

Key timing points
0.49 The role of mentoring
5.20 Mentoring key questions

CTMfile take: Encouraging your key staff to take on a mentoring role when they retire is vital in ensuring that years of experience, knowledge and wisdom are not lost. A classic example of this is how total working capital management programmes loose their focus over time, whilst a great mentor would suggest ways of keeping the programme effective.

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