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Treasury outsourcing: alive and growing in South Africa

TreasuryONE has been providing corporate treasury outsourcing services in South Africa for the last 20 years using the latest treasury management TMS technology. As well as corporate treasury outsourcing they provide a wide of corporate treasury services as the figure below shows:

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TreasuryONE focus on becoming their clients’ business partners and claim that the main benefits of their services are:

  • improved risk management and process compliance
  • reduced operating costs and risks
  • best practices combined with zero IT requirements
  • increased management control and liquidity optimisation
  • instant fraud detection and improved cash flow 
  • improved money market returns.

What is important here is that these are classic corporate treasury outsourcing benefits that have not really changed over the last 20 years.


TreasuryONE now has a team of 60+ staff with a forex turnover of R226billion in 2019 and have carried out 70+ TMS implementations over the last 20 years. The majority of users are multi-national corporations from the mining, banking, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, property, retail and farming sectors. Each solution is scaled to fit the client’s requirements. 

Other benefits for MNCs include:

  • the local implementation and support team of TreasuryONE who are experts in TMS technology and the setup of best practise treasury centres
  • guidance and support on how to get the best out of their TMS 
  • access to a team of highly qualified market risk specialists and operational support staff to support their treasury. (With all risk management advice is done in conjunction with clients approved risk policy and products offered to complement the policy.
  • back-office administration of deal settlement and foreign payments which allow clients to run a lean treasury team freeing up the corporate treasury department staff to focus on strategic decisions. 

Smaller company users who don’t have the luxury of a treasury department the finance teams rely heavily on the market risk management skills of the TreasuryONE team to guide them in managing their exposure to currency volatility to protect the bottom line of the business.

Overall, Cybersecurity concerns have not proved a barrier to the use of treasury outsourcing at TreasuryONE. They believe that is because their provision of the infrastructure used to manage the hosting of the TMS which includes: two data centres, full DR and back up processes, regular penetration testing plus strict user access controls.

Future development

TreasuryONE see a growing role for corporate treasury outsourcing in South Africa particularly with the change in the current economic operating environments because from a risk and financial perspective, it makes sense to complement a small treasury team with an experienced team that can literally assist at a moment’s notice. In these uncertain times, TreasuryONE believes that clients will increasingly rely on the fact that they can ‘soundboard’ with their market risk team to ensure that the right decisions are made. 

Also, they believe that businesses that invested in a treasury management system also weathered the storm better as they could strategically focus their time and effort on making business decisions rather than manually collating data first before. 

Hennie de Klerk, TreasuryONE’s Founder and CEO believes that “The future of corporate treasury outsourcing is stronger than ever. The cost benefits of access to knowledgeable scarce resources and an outsourcing partner that is able to implement and support treasury technology are the building blocks for a successful partnership.” 

CTMfile take: What is important here is that these classic corporate treasury outsourcing benefits have not really changed over the last 20 years. Plus cybersecurity concerns have not really affected the demand for outsourcing.

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