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Sage enhances real-time cash management via Trovato.io

Accounting software provider Sage Intaact is integrating data from cash management tool Trovata.io to provide real-time visibility into cash positions for corporate users.

In a press release Trovata.io, a specialist in automating cash management through open banking, said it was partnering to integrate its software with Sage Intacct’s cloud financial management solution available in Sage Business Cloud. Trovata.io will now be available via the Sage Intaact Marketplace, a collection of innovative cloud solutions offering prebuilt integration with Sage Intacct.

“This new relationship expands the ability of Sage Intacct customers to see daily cash positions and automate cash forecasting with direct accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) feeds using Trovata.io and its prebuilt (direct) application programming interface (API) integrations that include hundreds of banks and now Sage Intacct,” Trovato.io announced.

Joint customers will be able to generate reports and enhance cash management process automation using Trovato.io solutions, the two companies add.

Partner community

Travato.io aims to integrate accounting with businesses’ banks for deeper insight into cash positions, cash flow analysis and forecasting. Dave McCutcheon, its vice president of sales and alliances, said companies have historically been forced to rely on manual cash reporting tools that are error-prone, and to mix online banking with spreadsheets.

“As a result, many companies neglect cash forecasting altogether, leaving them exposed to risk while adding time and complexity to the strategic decision-making process,” he said. “By joining the Sage Intacct Marketplace as a certified partner, we’re able to add automated cash management to an already phenomenal ecosystem of solutions for finance and accounting professionals.”

“We’ve built a thriving partner community and marketplace, with solutions that help companies extend the value of their Sage Intacct implementation,” added Sage Intacct VP of business development Eileen Wiens.

Last month, Sage announced a partnership with cloud integration solutions provider Cleo, allowing Cleo to pair its integration-Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with Sage Intacct, providing businesses with enhanced “governance, control and orchestration capabilities”.

Sage Intaact was previously known as Intaact Corporation  until 2017, when it was acquired by the Sage Group in a US$850 million deal.

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