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Sberbank and Google offer education for businesses to stay afloat

Sberbank and Google are launching Hangouts Show, a format of courses from the pair that deliver a free education programme to develop business skills. The programme, called Business Class, is designed to equip businesses with the skills they need to survive the current COVID-19 crisis.

Small and medium-sized businesses that work in the industries most affected by the spread of COVID-19 are invited to take part in the video courses. The courses themselves will offer advice on how to act in the new environment of unpredictability and restrictions, and how to find new opportunities to develop business.

Topics that the Hangouts Show participants will discuss include:

  • How have approaches to work with clients changed.
  • What is being done to support employees.
  • Is there mutual assistance in the business environment.
  • Does remote networking help.
  • Is it possible to view the current crisis as a business opportunity.

The lecturers will explain the difficulties their businesses faced and the measures they are already taking to compensate for the waning demand and revenue. Thanks to the Google Hangouts service, all participants are able to take part in the project remotely, without leaving their homes.

Sberbank and Google say that those who can still team up with others, share their knowledge and support each other, continuing to study even in this difficult time, are stronger.


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