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Score card to achieve high quality bank customer service

There are an abundance of score cards on customer service with the good ones helping to improve the relationship and partnership between the two parties, while the worst are just a tick box exercise with no impact. In bank customer service support there are three areas:

  • the self support tools and systems that enable the customer to carryout their own support for the minor issues,
  • the support staff performance and organisation, and
  • the general issues support.

The 14 questions 

Here are our 14 questions that will hopefully help you build a more productive partnership with your bank: 

  1. Self support tools and systems:
    • ido the self support tools and systems make it easy to solve the minor problems ourselves without needing to contact the bank?
    • iare these tools and systems regularly upgraded based on customer needs and queries?
    • do these tools and systems enable the support staff to concentrate on the more complex value add support?
  2. Support staff:
  • are the support staff we contact generally knowledgeable and understand our business needs?
  • are our phone calls and/or e-mails in a timely manner?
  • ido we receive first time resolution of queries?
  • are they proactive and responsive, and quickly escalate issues to ensure full resolution?
  • is the backup cover effective, e.g. when contact is away or busy with other clients?
  • are there any throughput and/or technical problems

    3. General:

  • are issues resolved within our expected timeframe?
  • are there any outstanding issues?
  • how are major issues handled? is there backup when first contact cannot handle and how effective is it?
  • is the service compliant with our SLA agreement?
  • do we feel that there is partnership between us and the bank with both giving feedback and both sticking to the agreements?

Use Score Card to improve understanding and focus

Use this Score Card [rating: 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent)]:

  1. rate your bank’s customer service, and 
  2. ask your bank to rate their support and relationship with your department.

Compare the two rankings, then you’ll discover whether you have a problem and whether your bank understands this or not, and what areas to focus on.

(This list is made up ideas and suggestions from many different people. Thanks to all for your input.)

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