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Six “must-read” eBooks for treasury professionals

“Devices are not dangerous for literature. People can be dangerous for literature. People, for example, who do not read,” said László Krasznahorkai, the Hungarian screenwriter and novelist, during his lecture at the Brooklyn Book Festival held in Brooklyn, New York, in September 2015.

Successful treasury leaders are likely to be voracious readers, and investing time in reading provides a comparative knowledge advantage in today’s technology reliant business environment.

Accomplished treasurers know that devices and technology are reshaping our reading and learning habits and our way of obtaining information. They also know that for anyone aspiring to be a skillful treasury practitioner, it is important to develop an in-depth understanding of varied facets of contemporary treasury management. So what do they do?

They leverage technology to read short-form and long-form treasury management content, including eBooks encompassing a variety of topics that can be applied to their workplace and also advance their career.

We decided to compile a list of six “must-read” eBooks for treasury professionals that will not only help them develop a more informed opinion, but also put important treasury management concepts, analysis and advice they read into action for the benefit of their organization and themselves. These eBooks cover vital topics like risk management, foreign exchange (FX) management, working capital management, hedging, cash visibility, and payment security and fraud prevention. Here's the list:

How to Evaluate Risks and Improve Risk Management for Enterprise Treasury



This book produced by HighRadius helps in understanding treasury’s key financial risks, challenges in managing risks, the process of a risk assessment, factors that impact risk management decisions, best practices to prevent treasury risks, and the role of treasury software in overcoming risks. Read this book to learn about the advantages of adopting an automated cash management system to manage cash flow risk.


The Biggest FX Problem (That No One Talks About)



The Biggest FX Problem (That No One Talks About) eBook published by Kyriba is based on the premise that CFOs and treasurers alike “don’t know what they don’t know” about their foreign currency exposure data.

Use this in-depth eBook to gain greater insights into the most common types of accounting errors, breakdowns in accounting controls, system configuration issues, and process deficiencies that plague so many companies in managing their foreign currency exposure and, without mend, lead to unnecessary FX gain/losses. Read about how the correct identification of your FX exposure information can limit the impact of FX-related swings to your income statement.


Working Capital Management: Optimization & Alignment



Working Capital Management: Optimization & Alignment, a new eBook released by Strategic Treasurer and sponsored by Corcentric, covers the different definitions of working capital and their purposes; the appropriate aims of a working capital management program contrasted with the red herrings; stories that demonstrate working capital issues and solutions; and leading practices and necessary steps. Its guidance is aimed at helping finance and treasury practitioners lead their organizations into a thriving state of efficiency and excellence by optimizing working capital and aligning goals. ⃰  


Building Your Own Hedge Program: A Short Guide to FX & IR Hedging



Hedge Trackers, a GTreasury company, published the eBook Building Your Own Hedge Program: A Short Guide to FX & IR Hedging to help companies exposed to foreign currency or interest rate risks mitigate those risks in a predictable way to protect their bottom line.

Read this book and learn the seven steps to building a hedge program:

  • Assess your risk and objectives

  • Establish credit lines and trade compliance

  • Classify exposure

  • Define hedging strategy

  • Execute trade

  • Account for derivatives

  • Controls in check


5 Steps to Gaining Clearer Cash Visibility



Lack of visibility and insight into a corporation’s entire cash and liquidity position leaves treasury and the greater finance function in the dark. From small domestic companies to multinational organizations with complex banking structures and a sprawling geographic footprint, cash is still king, particularly in today's economic and operating environment. Achieving full cash visibility doesn't have to be difficult.

This eBook by Kyriba lays out the roadmap and the five definitive steps on how to gain clearer cash visibility and flexibility:

  • Identifying and recording

  • Rationalization (design)

  • Automating bank connectivity and reporting

  • Generate and streamline cash positioning with liquidity forecasting

  • Enhance and optimize cash reporting and liquidity forecasting


Payment Security & Fraud Prevention: The Principles of SECURE CLAMPS



Strategic Treasurer’s eBook Payment Security & Fraud Prevention brings you twelve payment security principles referred to by the mnemonic ‘SECURE CLAMPS’, distilled from a portion of Strategic Treasurer’s SecureTreasury™ course.

The cores of these twelve foundational principles for securing your payment processes remain consistent amidst constantly evolving threats and leading practices. This eBook will equip treasury, finance and security professionals with the necessary payment security intelligence to combat the surge in cybercrimes.



Gaining and updating your treasury knowledge is not the only reason to read these eBooks. Acquiring new insights and lessons you can connect directly to your daily work is a major benefit of reading these eBooks. Remember, relating what you’re reading to your work by hooking new information to concepts and ideas you already understand can lead to significant professional achievements.


⃰ Disclosure: Strategic Treasurer owns CTMfile.

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By kaleem choudhry on 20th Nov 2022:

How to get these E books related to Treasury management.

By Kylene Casanova on 21st Nov 2022:

Thank you for your question Kaleem. There are links to each of the books in the article.

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