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Smart cash flow forecasting made easy

Key timing points
0:23 1 - Too often cash flow forecasting is ineffective
4:49 2 - The TIP-approach: Shift the focus from the ‘basics’ to the fun parts
9:42 DEMO
19:42 Closing remarks

Alex Fleischmann, Head of Market Development - International at TIPCO explains how cash flow forecasting is made easy using their TIP platform.

This WEBchat covers:

1. Why too often cash flow forecasting is ineffective:

  • Due to as much as 80% of their time spent assembling the data and forecasts
  • Little use is made of smart logic to assemble and tweak forecasts
  • Only 20% of time spent on analysing and reporting the implications of the forecast

2. The TIP approach shift focus from the ‘basics’ to the fun parts:

  • What is needed is separate approach for each organisation, not a ‘one-size’ fits all approach
  • TIPCO’s multi-faceted approach:
    • Automates the basics
    • Collects the data from all the different sources
    • Uses smart logic to carryout plausibility checks; employ data from other forecasts, carryout predictive analysis
    • Delivers flexible reports and analyses for all types of manager.

3. Demo

4. Closing remarks

This is a great example of how the modern cash flow forecasting solutions really do solve the data collection and coordination part of cash flow forecasting and enable corporate treasury departments to focus on the ‘fun part’.

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