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Standard Chartered launches programme to deliver fast USD payments to Asia

Standard Chartered Bank has today launched an Asia Express Guaranteed Payments programme to deliver USD payments to Asia on the same or next day (depending on the specific destination). This programme is unique in that the guarantee extends to the delivery of payment to the ultimate beneficiary at the end of the payment chain.

The Asia Express Guaranteed Payments programme addresses inefficiencies in companies making USD payments to Asia using intelligent routing/prioritisation based on Standard Chartered's knowledge of the payments landscape in Asia. This new service will significantly improve payment efficiencies and strengthen the relationships between remitters and beneficiaries, fostering growth in commerce.

Assessment of payment traffic indicates that over half of USD commercial payments are destined for Asia and further growth can be expected. Standard Chartered Bank settles one in nine USD-denominated commercial payments globally today. The Asia Guaranteed Payments programme is available globally to Financial Institution clients that make use of Standard Chartered Bank's USD clearing capability.

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