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SWIFT Standards Forum’s ISO 20022 adoption mApp

As an increasing number of communities are adopting ISO 20022  as their messaging standard for financial business transactions. This App (ISO 20022 adoption mApp) maps out the ISO 20022-based initiatives around the world.

This free of charge app for iPad (NOT iPone) from SWIFT’s Standards forum covers ISO 20022 initiatives in all regions and business segments, from initiatives under discussion, to those in testing and those initiatives which are already live on ISO 20022.

The information on the various initiatives includes:

  • short description about the initiative
  • the Project status
  • Approach to migration
  • ISO 20022 message sets and versions adopted (if already known)
  • Availability of implementation guidelines

The content for this collaborative mApp has been provided and will be kept up-to-date by the owners of the initiatives.  More than sixty-five initiatives are already included in this first edition of the mApp.  The Standards Forum welcomes any input about new ISO 20022 initiatives and is happy to add them to the mApp.

If this doesn’t convince you that it is now time to adopt ISO 20022 payment message standard, nothing will.

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