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SWIFT’s KYC registry for corporates

Key timing points
1.07 What is KYC and what covers
1.35 How to deal with KYC questionnaires and requests
3.28 SWIFT's mission in corporate KYC
4.28 How achieve global standards
6.54 KYC for corporates concept
8.35 KYC for corporates - the transactions
10.12 Is KYC registry appropriate for corporates?
11.25 Will regulators accept SWIFT KYC solution?
12.50 Giving permission to use customer data and confidentiality
14.30 Interaction with other KYC platforms
15.26 One KYC solution provider v. several?
16.39 SWIFT'S assessment of KYC today

CTMfile take: This is the KYC solution for corporates that really could dominate. But KYC is all a matter of trust and efficiency: will corporates and many others, including the global and national regulators, accept and trust this approach? Will just one global KYC solution be acceptable/work? All to play for……………

In this WEBchat,  Sebastian Niemeyer - Senior Market Manager Corporates, SWIFT, responsible for shaping the corporates global product offering - describes their new KYC registry for corporates, which goes live in 4Q 2019. It builds on SWIFT’s experience from providing a KYC registry for 5,000+ banks worldwide. Sebastian explains how they are going to “make KYC work again - together.” 

He describes their mission in building the new KYC Regiistry for corporates which combines trust & experience, with global standards and a collaborative approach. Then he details exactly how it will work, before addressing some of the key questions in KYC.

The WEBchat covers:

  • Current corporate KYC problems and issues
  • SWIFT’s mission: Build The KYC Registry for Corporates
  • How KYC registry for corporates will operate and the benefits 
  • Key questions in KYC development.

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