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Taking treasury from reactive to proactive

David Rogelberg Publisher of Mighty Guides claims that: Mighty Guides make you stronger…. “Reading a Mighty Guide is kind of like having your own team of experts. Each heartfelt and sincere piece of advice in this guide sits right next to the contributor’s name, biography, and links so that you can learn more about their work.” Etc., etc. 

The Mighty Guides series now cover many different areas and topics. It is a well proven successful recipe.

Collected wisdom on corporate treasury 

In this e-book ‘Taking treasury from reactive to proactive’, sponsored by Kyriba, Rogelberg enthuses it “contains the collected wisdom of some of the best minds in the treasury space. I am confident you will benefit from the shared wisdom of the experts who have offered their time and energy to bring it to life.”

Might Guides have assembled some of the key US thinkers on corporate treasury, but some of the contributions are terribly trite, e.g. “treasurers must think and act strategically and deploy the company’s cash more prudently than ever before”, although the technique displaying the advisor’s CV next to their key lesson works well, putting their thoughts into context. The section headings tell the reader everything about this book

  1. think strategically
  2. a proactive treasury means managing risk
  3. document your treasury vision
  4. centralise your treasury
  5. automate, innovate and analyze.

Useful proactive corporate treasury examples

Although much of this book is extremely cringeworthy, there are also some really useful tips, some of our favourites are:

  • treasurers should not to shy away from business processes that typically are not part of their responsibility
  • in a proactive treasury, you are less busy because actions are not based on ad hoc analyses
  • PwC’s eight steps to a proactive treasury 
  • document the treasury vision, strategy, and guiding principles behind the changes you want to make
  • treasury needs to have a vision for what its role in the organization is
  • companies investing in technology often fail to provide staff with training they need to get the most out of it
  • becoming proactive means becoming predictive
  • treasury should be involved in most aspects of the business in some way, shape, or form
  • job of a treasurer is to determine whether existing systems and their underlying processes can support future business requirements
  • the seven steps to transform your treasury function.

CTMfile take: Worth a skim, you could find something that strikes a bell, gives you a new approach to an old problem. But, as always, the devil is in the detail.

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