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Technology solutions for OECD 2020 regulations

Key timing points
0:53 New OECD guidelines on transfer pricing
3:45 In-house banking 2.0
7:25 Treasury technology landscape
13:45 - Are new systems needed?
15:25 - Tax and corporate treasury need to work together
16:10 - Recording what is the purpose of the loan
19:45 Key takeaways
19:50 - Mike Foye
20:20 - Bas Rebel
21:00 - Gerben Weistra

CTMfile take: This WEBchat shows how corporate treasury departments need to get their house in order, partner with tax department to answer tax queries both now and in the future. Plus develop systems and procedures to record and track all changes.

Bas Rebel, Independent Treasury Consultant – BRFC, Gerben Weistra, Partner Transfer Pricing - Ectacon and  Mike Foye, Director, Global Treasury Operations - Mondelez International continue our discussion of Tax and Treasury looking at the implications for corporate treasury technology of the new OECD regulations published in 2020, and the implications for two aspects of corporate treasury ops.

This WEBchat covers:

  1. Reminder of the new OECD guidance on transfer pricing
  2. In-house Banking 2.0
  3. Technology landscape
  4. Key takeaways

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