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The essence of corporate treasury: the do’s and don’ts

A sparkling WEBchat between a very experienced panel: - Caroline Stockmann, CEO, Association Of Corporate Treasurers; Bas Rebel, Sr. Director Corporate Treasury Solutions, PwC Netherlands; and Bengt Elvinsson, Interim Treasurer - revealed several key ideas and practices:

  1. What is corporate treasury:
    • ACT: take big picture view - corporate treasurers strategically balance risk and opportunity to ensure that organisations are successful and protected
    • About long term funding and investments
    • corporate treasury department is the custodian of cashflow and financial risk within the company
  2. What should corporate treasury do:
    • Understand the basics, the ins&outs, and flows of your compay’s business
    • Add value to your business, e.g. by using FX to be a strategic partner to the business units
    • Ensure that company has the liquidity when and where needed
    • Align maturity profile of your investments with the corporate needs, and decide where to invest excess cash
    • Need to have a vision, a plan on the development of corporate treasury  
    • Be diplomatic and co-operate with other departments and businesses
    • Focus on the framework of corporate treasury, so guide systems and processes, AND integrate with rest of corporation 
    • Collaborate with SSCs and procurement
    • Ensure that other people are doing the right things
  3. What corporate treasury should not do:
    • Sit behind your spreadsheet and purely focus on the figures
    • See the corporate treasury function as having chinese walls, as being a silo
    • Get involved in processes, e.g. involved in the day-to-day operations of collecting and moving cash, rather they should organise the process
    • Tasks that others can do better, and those that technology can do for you.

CTMfile take: The ideas here reflect the essence of corporate treasury and where it is travelling.

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