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The future of TMS: Full launch of TreasuryXpress Store

TreasuryXpress, a provider of frictionless and on-demand treasury management solutions have announced the full launch of their TreasuryXpress Store, a fully self-service online shopping portal designed to give treasury departments of all sizes on-demand access to robust treasury management software and APIs.

Progress since September 2016

In September 2016, TreasuryXpress launched the “The Lab”, a Beta version of the TreasuryXpress Store, the industry’s first online TMS marketplace. Designed to offer a portfolio of both standalone and add-on financial and treasury products, the store allowed treasuries of all sizes to subscribe to enterprise-quality treasury and financial software – on-demand and in the Cloud. Since September, nearly 50 companies across four continents have been using the online products.

Beginning with the store’s inaugural product, Forecast+™, clients have been able to control their own implementation through a simple self-service wizard within minutes. Upon set-up, access to the product is on-demand via the web. All products in the store may be used as a standalone tool or easily integrated with existing systems such as TMS’ and ERPs through TreasuryXpress’ on-demand web services.

Future development

Over the coming weeks, the company says it plans on releasing additional financial products to the store including a payment validator API which will be utilized by both corporate treasury clients as well as third party solutions such as ERP and TMS systems.

CTMfile take: App stores are the future for TMS, the issue is whether they will be closed, I.e. Limited existing users or open to all. Open is the only route to go, but many will waste a lot of money trying to keep theirs closed. 

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