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The Global Treasury Salary Survey


The Treasury Recruitment Company would like to invite you to become a part of the world’s only Global Treasury Salary Survey and receive your FREE set of results!

To take part, please complete your information via the following link:


At The Treasury Recruitment Company, we always want to make sure that we are providing you with all the latest market information that we possibly can.

So, if you need advice about salaries for either yourself or your team, then our Global Treasury Salary Survey is there to help you benchmark against the market and the good news is it only takes just 2 minutes to complete!

The survey is a snapshot of the treasury recruitment market derived from over 600+ Treasury professionals globally and our dream is to expand the survey to over 1,000 participants.  

By sharing your information with us you can access the latest salary benchmarks at all levels from Treasury Analyst to Global Treasurer with up-to-date, accurate objective salary survey figures drawn from facts not ‘finger-in-the-air’ fiction.

We will also continually update our records to ensure that the survey is accurate at whatever time of the year you may need objective salary / compensation advice.

We have also just released the latest set of results to include a number of improvements including;

  • a review of current market sentiment in terms of the rise of hybrid working i.e., what employers are expecting versus what employees are telling us they would prefer in terms of work-life balance
  • further sub-division of the categories of Treasury Consultant & Senior Treasury Consultant and Group Treasurer & Global Treasurer / Treasury Director providing greater insight into the difference in terms of responsibility and relative scale of the positions
  • details of the conversion factors used within the survey itself

The FULL survey results are ONLY ever provided to the participants as a thank you for taking part, we believe that as you have taken the time to complete the survey, you deserve to see the results as a thank you for your time.

We never share the full results with anyone except those treasury professionals who take part in the survey itself.

If other treasury colleagues want a copy, then please invite your colleagues and your treasury network to take part via then they can gain FREE access to the same results you do.

Want to see the previous set of results before you decide? No problem, go to and you can access previous surveys too!

Finally, if ever we can offer you any Treasury Recruitment advice or help you add to or grow your existing team, then please do not hesitate to reach out.

Kind regards

Mike Richards, CEO & Founder

The Treasury Recruitment Company

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