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The modernization of treasury management solutions

Tom Leitch, Chief Operating Officer, TreasuryXpress

In this WEBchat Tom Leitch, discusses:

  1. The new TreasuryXpress On Demand system and how it helps to cut costs and slash implementation times
  2. How APIs work in today treasury systems
  3. TreasuryXpress updates process and frequency
  4. New pricing structures
  5. Future of treasury management system solutions
  6. New delivery model.
Key timing points
0:25 Why new On Demand model introduced
1:38 Corporate treasury department problems with high costs and lengthy implemtation times
3:54 How APIs work in today’s treasury management systems
5:55 Update methodology and frequency
7.45 Pricing structure with no impact of frequent updating
9.17 Future of TMS solutions and impact on corporate treasury department

CTMfile take: Technology is changing the very nature of TMS and what corporate treasurers can expect from the latest solutions.

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