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The new pan-European payment scheme – Request-to-Pay

Two leading payment systems experts from Deutsche Bank - Edwin Hartog, Managing Director, Global Head FinTech and Platform Sales and Benjamin Madjar, Managing Director Corporate Bank - EMEA Head Cash Management Structuring - discuss the new pan-European payment scheme they are launching.
The WEBchat covers:
    1.    Request-to-pay client experience
    2.    Key benefits for your business
    3.    Request-to-pay technical workflow.

Key timing points
0.55 1 - Request-To-Pay Client Experience
6:50 2 - Key benefits for your business
14.35 3 - Request-to-pay technical workflow
18.27 That's a revolution
19.20 Consumer mindset and reacction
20:50 Hartog - key take away
22:00 Madjar - key take away
23.25 Request-To-Pay scheme future

CTMfile take: The pan-European Request-To-Pay service really is a revolution for e-commerce payments and then it will move to point of sale payments. The enhanced - reconciliation and refund management, plus the cost savings, real-time settlement and reduced risk add up to an improved experience for both consumers and merchants. Impressive.

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