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The TMS Steve Jobs would have built

My hero Steve Jobs died yesterday. His mantra was to live everyday as if it was his last. And in products and services ONLY focus on the essential functions, and make them easy and beautiful to use.

If Steve Jobs had built a Treasury Management System, it would have been beautiful. It would have used only Apple fonts and screens; it would have been incredibly easy to use AND implement - see chart; it would have been totally scalable - Steve never had small dreams. There would have been a cash and treasury management App Store, which would just have carried sensible Apps, which did not allow any risky practices (and the software suppliers would have willingly paid Steve 30% of their sale price). The Apps would have only run on Apple hardware.

The best feature, which I would have loved to see and understand, would have been what he left out because the function, the feature was irrelevant.

Thanks Steve for the alternative to Wintel and all the other lovely devices from an Apple fan and user for 25+ years.

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