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Thomson Reuters launch Data Privacy Advisor for global privacy compliance

Data Privacy Advisor was created to support privacy professionals at multinational businesses and law firms to comply with new data privacy regulations and offers a deeper understanding of the law and privacy obligations across multiple jurisdictions. A recent Thomson Reuters survey showed that nearly 44% of organizations surveyed* are currently failing to meet data privacy regulations:

Source & Copyright©2018 - Thomson Reuters 

Data Privacy Advisor provides:

  • Global statutory and regulatory materials – including pending legislation and regulations, data privacy country guides for 80+ countries, the full GDPR library, and Practical Law know-how content directed to global legal and program management issues
  • Question answering via IBM Watson-enabled technology (world first, currently in beta) that allows users to ask relevant questions in their own words and receive a full-sentence answer
  • Curated news, analysis and blog content specific to data privacy.
  • Feature to help users discover additional insights that otherwise might go unnoticed, also enabled by Watson.

Data Privacy Advisor is available in the U.S., United Kingdom and Canada. 

Ask Watson technology

The Ask Watson a Question feature was trained by experts on thousands of question/answer pairs. “Our first step was to teach Watson the language of law,” said Khalid Al-Kofahi, vice president of Research and Development at Thomson Reuters and head of its Center for Cognitive Computing. Industry experts, like attorney editors from the Thomson Reuters Practical Law team and research scientists, taught Watson to understand the nuance of legalese – be it simple definitions, such as “parties” or “organizations,” or more specific concepts that data privacy professionals manage regularly. During the training process, the team solicited feedback from privacy professionals who, along with Thomson Reuters and IBM Watson experts, graded more than 60,000 responses from Watson, helping the system learn and provide increasingly refined responses. “Adding the AI capability from Watson to our own in-house AI expertise made a true collaboration between our teams to help Watson understand the law and the context of the questions – not just memorize the questions and answers – so the platform truly helps data privacy professionals find the answers they need,” Al-Kofahi added.


* Survey of nearly 1,000 data privacy professionals in nine countries

CTMfile take: Advisory support services based on advanced analysis and interoogation of huge databases is the future of KYC, AML, etc. This is the future of all support services.

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