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TMS future: mission critical applications to cloud + integrated ERP APPS

It is happening all over the place: applications moving to the cloud and unbundling and rebundling of ERP Apps which is creating a whole new world for corporate treasury and TMS solutions.

Mission critical applications moving to cloud

In April 2017 UBS announced that they had moved their risk management platform to the Microsoft Asure cloud technology was the ultimate proof that cloud technology was really accepted. The world’s largest wealth management company would not have moved if they were not fully confident in the technology. 

TriOptima usage of cloud technology for some the most complex and CPU bound processing - see - proves that cloud technology can cope with that sort of problem too.

Today’s announcement of the new OpenLink Cloud is another proof of how large companies are now prepared to put mission critical - in this case commodity trading and risk management  - applications on the cloud (again using Microsoft Azure platform).

Cloud, mobile, AI and the unbundling of enterprise apps

An important article in diginomica, Cloud, mobile, AI and the unbundling of enterprise apps, by Phil Wainewright, reviews how  “The convergence of cloud, mobile, AI is enabling the unbundling of enterprise apps and functions to be re-bundled in innovative, more frictionless patterns.”

He explains that the functional boundaries between the traditional suite of enterprise applications — ERP, HCM, CRM and SCM - are beginning to dissolve in the digital enterprise. Connected technologies, most notably cloud computing and smart mobile devices, make it possible to connect up data and processes across the old demarcations. Wainwright concludes that, “Today, we are in what I would call a third phase of unbundling, in which the individual jobs and processes themselves are being picked apart with the aid of digital technology.”

There is so much more in this article, higly recommended and a must read for anyone interested in the future of corporate treasury systems, however, this conclusion raises two important questions for corporate treasurers as the new opportunities open up the ERP systems and Apps:

  • What should be the role of the corporate treasury department be in the organisation?
  • How integrated do you want / need to be in the company operations?

The other question it raises is about the future of TMS solutions: Will they just disappear into the ERP ecosystem and have no independence at all? 

CTMfile take: We live in exciting times, there are opportunities for transformative changes everywhere.

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