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TMS market evolution: how the new players are having an impact - TreasuryXpress

FinTech is changing the service levels, the business model and the structure of the treasury management systems market. Listen to Tom Leitch describing:

  • how he believes that the old TMS business model is broken and needs to move to a much simpler and more profitable structure like TreasuryXpress’s where a team of only 30 people support the corporate treasury operations of 250 users world-wide, which range from SMEs to groups with annual sales of several $bn
  • TreasuryXpress process can install their cloud based system in hours
  • their charging structure which starts at $100/month and how even their highest monthly charge is much lower than all their competitors, and yet is profitable 
  • how their system can be customised
  • TreasuryXpress’s future development plans whilst sticking to their business model
  • his incisive assessment of their competitors.

CTMfile take: This is a classic example of how FinTech can change the business model and dynamics of a whole industry.

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