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Top 10 reads of 2018: Fintech, Brexit and CFO behaviour

The annual top 10 lists in treasury publications usually include articles about the perennial themes that concern treasurers, such as cash management, payments and risk. But, in 2018, CTMfile's corporate treasury readership has consistently given more attention to forward-looking articles that focus on new emerging risks such as cybersecurity, and the political uncertainty of Brexit, as well as the incredible speed of technological change sweeping through the banking and payments industry.

And so we have at least five of the top 10 articles focusing on the advances in treasury technology, from new app offerings from traditional banks, to the evolution of treasury management system (TMS) functionality and the increasing array of technological solutions available to treasurers as fintechs get in on the act. As expected, at least two of the articles focus on treasury and payment trends, as practitioners need to keep up with the latest regulatory and tech developments.

Added to that, Brexit's uncertain and indefinite impact on business has meant everybody has been talking about it in 2018 but putting a definite contingency plan in place has been less simple. Nonetheless, an article on Brexit was the third best-read article in the past 12 months, suggesting treasurers do need more information on this.

And finally, the role of treasury and finance professionals has been increasingly in the spotlight for a number of years, as governance, transparency and corporate responsibility become key requirements for consumers as well as investors. How financial professionals behave and what they report or what they represent is now a matter of public interest, as high profile cases in the past year have shown, from the arrest of Huawei Technologies' CFO in Canada this month, to the six-year prison sentence handed down to top executives, including the CFO, at Wilmington Trust Corp. Highlighting the importance of CFO behaviour, an article in the top 10 for 2018 is about how Theranos's CFO took a stand and questioned the lack of evidence backing up the fraudulent claims of the company's CEO.

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