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Top 10 ways to make you a magnetic & compelling manager to attract best candidates

You are only as good as the quality and depth of your corporate treasury team. Using the latest technology and systems is all very well, but unless you have superb people who really understand your business - both the treasury aspects AND also the way your company functions and its key drivers - your department may be efficient, but they will make poor decisions. In the age of internet and seamlessly inter-connected systems and services, the need for excellent pro-active and innovative staff has never been greater.

In this Top 10 items list Adam Gordon, CEO of Social Media Search and his team, list the 10 things you have to do to be attractive to the very best.

  1. Inspire your team - get everyone involved
    • Encourage your team to interact with company content and with each other online, and to share their experiences positively on social media.
  2. Build an excellent company profile
    • Make use of the company page function on LinkedIn so that there is always a neat link between you and your employer. A well populated, accurate and dynamic company profile will support the efforts of your personal profile and further establish talent brand online.
  3. Optimise your personal profile
    • LinkedIn profiles can seem incredibly overwhelming; however, they are easily optimized for maximum effect. Adding key words to your professional headline and having a clear headshot are two ways you can quickly make a huge difference. 
  4. Create thorough content calendars
    • Posting a constant stream of content can seem really unachievable, however with a bit of planning, updating your social media should be a breeze. Content calendars can be pulled together in a spreadsheet and allow you to set out what you would like to post each day. An app like Buffer offers a good free option that will allow you to schedule and automate the posting of your content.
  5. Identify your total addressable market
    • A solid profile and stellar content calendar mean nothing if they aren’t reaching the right audience. Think about who you would want to hire and pull together a list of people you could approach to connect with.
  6. Take your relationships offline
    • You have pulled together a great list and have dozens of suitable candidates that have accepted your LinkedIn connection requests – now what? LinkedIn allows you to export your contacts in to a .csv file, along with their email addresses, so you can continue the conversation. 
  7. Consider your talent brand
    • How a brand is constructed has been lifted by social media from the hands of the employer and put in the hands of the talent – both potential and current employees. Taking steps to improve your online presence is already taking your talent brand in to consideration. 
  8. Use useful tools
    • Chrome extensions are a great way to boost your online experience and help with building connections. For example, Hunter is great for finding email addresses. 
  9. Be aware of your audience
    • When pulling together your content calendar keep in mind the hot topics for your target audience, and tailor to their interests and needs.
  10. Test, Monitor, Adapt – Better & Better
    • Keep an eye on how your posts are performing so you can ensure you are always publishing content that your followers are engaging with. 

CTMfile take: If you want to attract and recruit the best corporate treasury talent then these top 10 practices will be invaluable.

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