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Trading platforms developing and extending

The 360T trading platform, now owned by the Deutsch Borse Group, is a well-established trading platform. The latest developments in the 360T service show what is happening in trading platforms.

Over the last year or so, they have added:

  • Execution Management System
  • Algo based trading 
  • Market Data - end of day rates service.

Execution Management System

360T’s Execution Management System (EMS) is an integrated system for an end-to-end workflow. 360T claims that “saveS time and reduce your process risk through automation and Straight-Through-Processing. Minimize operational risk with integration into your existing workflows and risk analysis.” 

EMS enables corporate treasury departments to fully customize your auto execution:

  • Create an automatic selection of rules for auto execution (notional, fund, currency pair, value date, deal type or any other attributes of the order)
  • Orders are sent to RFS negotiation for competitive bidding to your pre-configured Banks
  • Nominate the number of Banks that need to be pricing simultaneously for execution to occur
  • Requests are executed at the best price
  • Upload and download via FIX, XML, CSV.

360T’s SuperSonic Trader® for Spot, Swaps, NDF’s & Forwards provides one-click trading:

Source & Copyright©2019 - 360T Deutsche Borse Group

Market data service

Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services and Deutsche Börse FX trading venue 360T launched, in September 2018, a new service offering covering FX spot market as well as FX swap market data. The FX swap market information is based on a contribution model of liquidity providers developed in cooperation with the Germany-based company DIGITEC.

This new service helps customers with risk management, rate reasonability and best execution of FX Swaps, NDF and Forward trades.

CTMfile take: The move to fully automated one-click trading using the latest rates is what treasury automation is all about and when combined pre- and post-analytics is this the nirvana or is there more to come? What is next in FX trading?

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