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TransCentra enhances Remote Deposit Capture service in North America

In North America suppliers continue to fine tune their RDC offerings. 

TransCentra, see, have just announced their enhancement of its remote deposit capture (RDC) service with additional security features, a single platform solution for clients using both RDC and remote lockbox services.

New Anti-Money Laundering features

TransCentra have enhanced their anti-money laundering (AML) features within its RDC solution, improving check-type identification based on format and image attributes. The platform now more comprehensively distinguishes between money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks and business checks. The module significantly reduces the manual task of reviewing riskier items, automatically flagging them for review applying each client’s unique business rules and logic.

Mobile and workflow

“Mobile solutions are increasingly pervasive, with growing uses for business operations across almost every industry,” said Lynn Boggs, CEO of TransCentra. “However, the security of mobile technology remains a top priority. We understand the importance of mobile, but also the challenge of managing risk. Our RDC solutions let our clients offer the latest mobile tools and still detect risk at its earliest stage.”

TransCentra’s RDC solution features workflow automation and intelligent document recognition, reducing manual processing and accelerating cash cycles. Users can also deposit checks from a smartphone with the company’s mobile check deposit solution.

Single platform

TransCentra now provides a single platform for clients offering both RDC and remote lockbox. The company’s remote lockbox solution allows banks and other companies to scan checks and any associated remittance documents remotely from their offices as an alternative to mailing them to the lockbox site. Now, the same platform on which users scan checks, invoices, coupons, envelopes and claims for the lockbox can be used for basic check deposits.

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