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TransCentra & OPEX enhance lockbox processing with mail accountability solution

Although the proportion of payments collected via Lockbox in the USA is declining, service providers are continuing to enhance their services. The latest example is Transcentra’s linkup with OPEX.

Transacentra, a leading provider of billing and payment software and services, and OPEX Corporation, a creator of document imaging and mailroom automation equipment, have integrated OPEX’s Mail Matrix® mail sorter and OPEX TrackerTM with TransCentra’s software to create a mail accountability solution.

Single pass

In a single machine pass, the Mail Matrix automatically sorts and images every piece of mail received into the mailroom. OPEX Tracker applies a unique tracking number to mail during the sort process before it passes through TransCentra’s software, ensuring all mail, accountable and non-accountable alike, is visible throughout the life cycle of the payment process. This provides end-to-end transparency from sorting to opening and scanning, even to the deposit of a check into the client’s account.  Additionally, operators can enter custom data, such as time and date of mail receipt, the post office from which it arrives and other important details unique to each mail batch; for example, the cause of an unexpected delay in delivery.

“TransCentra has always been a step above other lockbox providers, and the added functionality of the Mail Matrix extends the quality of its operations while also improving security by carefully and automatically tracking all mail,” said Jeff Geshay, Business Alliance Manager for OPEX Corporation. “Combining OPEX’s equipment with TransCentra’s software, this feature fullfills our clients’ request for transparency and customisation and provides an even higher level of service.”

Future development

TransCentra currently uses the OPEX Mail Matrix in its Pittsburgh and Chicago sites with plans to expand in the future.

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