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Treasury consultant Zanders expands with two Nordic offices

Dutch finance and treasury consultancy firm Zanders, which was originally established in Utrecht in 1994, is marking its 25th year by expanding in the Nordics with new offices in Denmark and Sweden.

We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand internationally,” Sander van Tol, a partner at the firm’s headquarters in Zeist, told the website consultancy.eu.

The firm’s expansion has included launching a UK office in 2008 and adding one in Switzerland two years later. It currently operates in a total of 35 countries.

“We have been working across the region – Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland – for several years,” said Van Tol, pointing to the region’s close match in “business, people and culture” with the firm's home country. “This seamless match in business culture makes the Nordic market very interesting for us.”

The website reports that as well as serving existing Nordic-based clients, Zanders consultants have in recent years frequently provided training sessions and keynotes at leading conferences and congresses in the region.

Van Tol added that the consulting firm sees an opportunity to add value to the financial operations of Scandinavian clients, which helped in giving the green light to the expansion. “We want to be present in countries where treasury is practiced at a high level and is highly integrated, and this is the case in the Nordics.”

A growing market

Consultancy.eu notes that the move comes at a time when the Nordic consulting industry is enjoying seeing a period of strong growth. Spending on consultants grew by 6% in 2017, and accelerated last year to over 7%. Sweden’s €1 billion+ consultancy market leads int he region, followed by Denmark at around €800 million.

Faced with disruption from emerging technologies, growing regulatory complexity and an outcry for more financial transparency, companies of all sizes are seeking ways to overhaul and optimise their finance operations. This is lifting demand for external support, with finance and risk consulting among the faster growing service lines in the Nordics, mirroring developments seen elsewhere in Europe.

Zanders has names René Andersen as Head of Nordics. The Danish native transfers from Deloitte, where he was a director in the group’s treasury and risk advisory practice. He specialises in services to the chief financial officer, with a focus on treasury and risk management transitions.

Andersen will be supported by Job Wolters, a Dutch veteran of more than 10 years at Zanders and currently director of corporate clients. Wolters previously assisted in developing Zanders’ Swiss office in Zürich, when it launched in 2010 

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