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Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) - the new approach to corporate payments

There is a new breed of treasury management systems, which specalise in a small number of key functions. TIS addresses the key corporate treasury problems lack of visibility on cash position and cash flow, high cost due to the large number of bank connections, high bank fees, and no straight-through processing of payments plus all the problems of governance, legal and audit compliance. TIS calls it the old world:

Source & Copyright©2013 -  TIS

The TIS cloud based service sits in between the corporate and their banks:

Source & Copyright©2013 -  TIS

TIS offers a single platform with direct connection to SWIFT in which it provides three solutions:

  • Bank Transaction Manager:
  1. Central, web-based, multi-bank-capable, SEPA-compliant and SAP- integrated payment platform
  2. Makes payment processes more efficient, transparent and safe
  3. Audit-proof tracking and tracing of payments, workflow-based approvals and automatic retrieval of bank account statements
  4. Sanction lists, monitoring, mandate (direct debit) management
  • Bank Account Manager:
  1. Central repository / process tool to manage and track worldwide bank accounts
  2. Management of signature rights and users
  3. Solution helps to monitor all existing accounts and to assist in the setup of new ones
  • Bank Fee Manager:
  1. Web-based solution to improve the management and control bank charges and bank relationships
  2. Allows companies to electronically receive accounting of bank charges and check them automatically
  3. Comprehensive analysis of banking relationships.

There are 60 corporate users of TIS, several of whom also have a TMS, including systems such as IT2 and Bellin. Clearly there is a need for the TIS solution as they were only founded in 2010.

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