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Treasury Leaders Summit 2: Exciting treasury solutions

Treasury Leaders Summit Treasury Tech Village session gave 5 minutes including Q&A to four suppliers of corporate treasury services. It made for an exciting 20 minutes.


All modules of the BE SCORD Banking application are designed to provide the corporate treasurer / cash manager with a versatile dashboard application, where data are transformed from unstructured information to business intelligence.

The BE SCORD banking application can be applied globally and enables reporting with both central and local viewing options for its users.

Essentially it shows how to approach banks and how to understand your bank charges.


CheckRisk is different. They are more concerned with forward-looking analysis and creating innovative risk models at the cutting edge of academia. They complement this with experienced people who can build a long term relationship with, and who listen to your needs. They claim they take complex data and interpret it in simple and visually powerful ways. They filter this at a high level for boards, or go to more technical and granular levels for risk and investment departments.

CheckRisk already provide risk services to over £70bn of risk assets globally.

Treasury Spring

This new service unlocks low cost funding and they have developed pipelines through one portal, taking advantage of the banks retreating from this market. 

Fixed-Term Funds are regulated financial products, designed and built by TreasurySpring, that offer exposure to a single investment grade issuer for a fixed term. FTFs have many of the same characteristics as term deposits but can provide access to sovereigns and corporates, as well as financial institutions. 

Akoni Hub

Akoni Hub already has 800 users, typically SME most of whom do not use a TMS. Akoni Hub’s platform offers access to interest-bearing accounts from an array of highly-rated banks, so users can earn more interest and reduce risk without the hassle of multiple accounts. 

Akoni Hub partners with a wide range of other companies to offer a unique range of services.

CTMfile take: This was all presented at breakneck speed. Good ideas and duff explanations flying all over the place.

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