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Treasury Leaders Summit: Six panels not to miss

The Treasury Leaders Summit is due to take place in London's Business Design Centre on 21-22 November and the event's organisers, Contentive, have announced a line-up of treasury speakers from companies including Moody's, ABB, Huawei, Roche, Ted Baker, Deutsche Post DHL Group, PPD and Orange. The themes of the summit focus on treasury transformation, the evolving treasury technology offerings, as well as the role of the corporate treasurer in helping companies expand and manage risk.

The programme features the traditional keynote discussions, with speakers from Roche, Flybe, Huawei and British American Tobacco on day one, followed on day 2 by treasury professionals from Richemont, Port of Rotterdam, Hempel and Reckitt Benckisser. The programme also engages delegates with workshops, roundtables and MATCH meetings, as well as personal product demos of the most disruptive innovations in finance technology at the Treasury Tech Village.

Some of the highlights from the two-day event include:

Day 1, 09:30: Roundtable - technology implementation: best practice and lessons learnt

This session features treasury speakers from Zurich-headquartered technology conglomerate ABB, US property and investment firm CBRE, British American Tobacco, Orange and medical equipment company Smith & Nephew. Set under Chatham House rules, this discussion promises to touch on the problem-solving, team work and best practices that helped them complete successful technology implementation projects.

Day 1, 11:30: Cash repatriation project – treasurer’s role

Cash repatriation is an almost universal problem for multinationals, with trade wars and geopolitical uncertainty creating complex hurdles for moving money across borders. Questions such as how to plan and execute a repatriation project are discussed by Winny Li, executive director for finance & treasury at PPD, a firm providing business and contract management services for organisations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Day 1, 16:30: Complex currency hedging in a large multinational

FX risk management is crucial for large organisations as it can mean the difference between a good or a disappointing financial statement. Gautam Gupta, global TaO treasury lead at British American Tobacco, describes his company's hedging practices and touches on the nuances of hedging liquid vs. illiquid currencies and hedging operational vs. special financial transactions.

Day 2, 09:30: Keynote: Through the fog: what really matters in the age of uncertainty

Lord Malloch-Brown, former Deputy Secretary General at the United Nations under Kofi Annan, shares his views on the global political developments that matter and will shape the world in future as well as the trends in economics, technology and the environment that corporate boards should understand.

Day 2, 13:30: Doubling cash flows by step changing working capital

Clever working capital management can ensure that the organisation has cash ready for expansion, investment and unforeseen challenges. Nikolaj Enevoldsen, head of group treasury & insurance at Hempel, the world's largest container coatings supplier, talks about the challenges of improving his group's working capital management practices.

Day 2, 14:35: Keynote panel discussion: risk management and funding – securing and optimising liquidity in uncertain times

Risk management is a core corporate challenge that has increasingly been landing on treasury's plate in the past decade. Treasury speakers at Diageo, Reckitt Benckisser, Orange and the London Stock Exchange Group discuss their best practices, expertise and predictions for managing risk and ensuring stable liquidity and cash flows in difficult economic circumstances.

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