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Treasury management systems evolving to a new paradigm

Initially, TMS were just about corporate treasury deal trading and recording, now they are so much more:

  • Kyriba is a provider of web-based cash and treasury management solutions delivered under the SaaS model. The venture-backed B2B company’s automated cloud-based system enables customers to control their daily cash management tasks, including maintaining bank balances, tracking transactions, cash positioning and forecasting, automated general ledger posting, and investment portfolio reporting. (Source: Crunchbase)
  • BELLIN: Our treasury management system, tm5, enables you to manage your day-to-day responsibilities in line with your company’s profile but more importantly lends you the strategic insight and vision to keep you on track no matter what comes your way. This web-based, modular, fully integrated and easy-to-use system is all about global visibility, collaboration, and security and covers all corporate treasury requirements, mobile and in real time. (Source: BELLIN website.)
  • GTreasury: Empowers organizations on their path to the strategic treasury, by enabling total visibility into their cash, liquidity, payments and financial risk management with robust, secure, easy-to-use solutions (Source: GTreasury web-site)
  • Salmon Software: By automating the majority of treasury management processes, Salmon Treasurer effectively eliminates the need for spreadsheets and allows you to focus on adding value in other areas. The system supports all currencies, facilitates trades and managing these trades, across an extensive range of financial instruments providing real-time revaluation of all deals and positions while interfacing with a wide variety of external and internal systems. (Source: Salmon Software website.)
  • Cashforce: A next-generation cash forecasting & treasury platform. Cashforce helps finance/treasury departments save time and money by offering accurate cash flow forecasting, flexible treasury reporting & automation. Cashforce is unique in its category because it allows users to drill down to the transaction level details and the system integrates seamlessly with ERP systems & banking systems. (Source: Cashforce website.)

Redefining corporate treasury 

Already many of the latest technologies are being used in the corporate treasury department:

  • Big data, e.g. Cashforce in their comprehensive cash flow forecasting functionality
  • Business intelligence, e.g. in supply chain finance 
  • Artificial intelligence, e.g. in payment collection services
  • Robotics Process Automation, e.g. in moving and converting data.

 These technologies are starting to be integrated into your cloud-based TMS, but when they are fully exploited your TMS will become a whole new paradigm as to what the treasury management system represents and what the corporate treasury department will be expected to do. Already there are working prototypes which are awesome, they will redefine the corporate treasury function. 

CTMfile take: No wonder Aite Group refer to TMS as Treasury Intelligence Systems, but we ain't seen nothing yet as they will become so much more.

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