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CTMcast - 3 January 2020:  The year to come

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The items referred to in this PODcast include:

  •     The top 5 Fintech trends
  •     Workplace automation: how AI is coming for your job
  •     Who Made That Decision: You or an Algorithm?
  •     No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference, Greta Thunberg, Penguin Books

0:36        AI and the hyper-personalization of big data
2:24        RPA usage will expand and the main impact will be that: white-collar jobs will disappear, and corporate treasury departments will not expand
4:58        Enhanced conversational chat-box interfaces will have a big impact on corporate treasury departments
6:54        Increasing  use of blockchain for almost everything in financial services
9:05        Mobile payments: the massive expansion of usage numbers and types of payments
11:25    Climate crisis impacts and the use of green bonds, etc.
14:01    Closing remarks and CTMfile’s Weekly Update newsletter.

Enjoy our discussion on what is likely to happen in 2020 and how the Climate Crisis will dominate all other developments.

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