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TreasuryXpress launches FREE COVID-19 Treasury Technology Relief Programme

TreasuryXpress has been pioneering the transition from traditional, resource-intensive TMS models to digital, open treasury software since the release of their flagship on-demand TMS in 2015.  Today they launched a Treasury Technology Relief Program which will offer free subscriptions during this crisis to a new self-service treasury management tool they have developed.

The program is designed to support new treasury clients that have had their manual and physical operations disrupted during the Coronavirus outbreak. “As the novel Coronavirus has spread across the globe, so has the need for a new way to work,” says Anis Rahal, CEO and founder of TreasuryXpress.  “Virtually overnight, treasury teams have been thrust into a new reality of working remotely whether they were ready for it or not.  Further, businesses across industries are feeling the distress of slashed revenues and financial volatility.  As such, cash forecasts are changing as quickly as the virus is spreading and access to liquidity is becoming paramount.”

Source & Copyright©2020 -  TreasuryXpress

New self-service treasury management solution

As the current pandemic hastens the adoption of digital technology by businesses, the program intends to provide scalability and rapid, self-service set-up to treasury teams requiring automation. TreasuryXpress has developed the industry’s first self-service treasury management solution which will support centralized cash and financial instrument visibility, cash forecasting and positioning, and bank account reconciliations.

Rahal believes that “Empathy and support for our colleagues at this time must take centre stage in our industry.  Never has it been more critical for treasury teams to have access to financial data and tools that will help them keep their businesses running.  Since our inception, we have continuously worked towards delivering a more open-treasury technology experience to the market. We are proud that our founding vision and approach to innovation allows us to be responsive to our industry’s needs during this time.”

Up and running within one week

TreasuryXpress will be offering a free subscription to their self-service product for FIVE months.  Their goal is to have people logging on to the system within 24 hours of sign up, “So that our treasury colleagues can utilize the functionality quickly and realize maximum benefits of the program right away.” They envision the self-service nature of this product will allow users to be up and running within one week.

Source & Copyright©2020 -  TreasuryXpress

As the current pandemic hastens the adoption of digital technology by businesses, TreasuryXpress believe that the program will fill an important need to provide scalability and rapid, self-service set-up to treasury teams requiring automation NOW.

Conducting business virtually

Rahal also believes that:  “The world is dealing with this epidemic by social distancing.  The business contribution to this cure is to conduct business virtually.  We believe that the market has now been disrupted in a way that will change the way treasury works in the long term, not just during the current crises.  It will be critical for software providers to respond with technology that will enable the new normal of virtual business operations.”

(Treasury teams interested in learning more about TreasuryXpress’ COVID-19 Technology Relief The program can contact the firm at

CTMfile take:  TreasuryXpress has been providing on-demand TMS solutions that have been implemented in very short times since 2015. This proven technology which will be used in their new self-service product could be just the solution that many really stressed corporate treasurers and CFOs are looking for right now.


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